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Shopping for a picnic

During the summer I was at a Victorian Festival and we decided to go for a picnic, so we had to get provisions :)

Can I get the sauce on the side?

This weekend the Victorian dance group to which I belong had a demonstration at a local village fair. One of the newer members made a comment about not wanting to get a hot dog (even though she was hungry) because she was afraid of getting mustard on her cotton day gown. That never even occurred to me. I suppose it is a natural thought though. I assured her that she would get used to wearing the victorian stuff and eventually she would just treat it as clothing.

I don't think I am weird in that thinking, am I? Another member of our group routinely rolls in the grass etc (yes, Megan, I am talking about you! :p  ). The only time I am somewhat careful is with my sheer gown only because the cotton lawn is delicate and I would hate to snag it on anything.

So what is the general consensus out there? When you are wearing something from another century (or another universe), do you avoid eating or anything else that might endanger what you are wearing? Or do you just go for it? Now, I am not talking about necessarily rolling in a mud puddle or something that would definitely destroy it. I am talking about things you would not think twice about doing if you were wearing jeans or a casual sundress.

I love the idea of this community

I love wearing my costumes to different places, although I have admittedly gotten more like a grumpy grown up lately and felt self conscious wearing my outfits places. Perhaps this community will help snap me out of it.

I do still get a thrill out of stopping at the gas station to pump gas in costume on my way to the renfaire. I prefer when people smile and ask me about clothes instead of peering at me and trying to act really hard like they don't notice me. That way I can put them at ease by smiling and allowing them to look at me...besides isn't it nice to be admired after we've worked so hard on our nice things? And I love admiring other people's handiwork! LOL

Anyway here are some pictures my husband took of me in a park near our house, just playing with my hats and fans and the cloak I made. Enjoy!

This! This is what we need to do!

Ok. maybe not the medical bits. I wouldn't wish ill health on anyone, but I love that they are doing this project of costume in real situations.


Homecoming 2008

Instead of buying an extremely revealing and skimpy dress for my high school dance like all the other girls at my school, I decided to wear an 1840s dress! My date was appropriately attired in his Civil War uniform which he modified for Mexican American War so we'd be in the same period. I actually got a lot of compliments on my dress, and had a really great time! Even though modern "dancing" is nothing like contra dancing!

At the dance...

A work in progress shot...

Even Mr Darcy needs fruit!

My husband and I visited the local market yesterday:

We've gone to mundane places in historic clothing before but this was particularly interesting. In the US whenever we have done this, we are always approached by people asking questions like "Are you in a play?" or "Going to the renn faire?", but here in England not a single person said a word. You could tell that they wanted to as they repeatedly glanced at us from the corner of their eyes. It was very amusing.

Next, I would like to go to Starbucks in crinolines. I wonder if anyone will comment.

(ps... he had a jacket, but left it in the car. Oops! Where is your manservant when you really need him?)