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Oh Just Wear It!!

They are really only clothes, after all.

Oh, Just Wear It!!
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A community for costumers to show themselves wearing their creations anywhere they like.
Have a gorgeous 18th century gown mouldering in the closet? Wear it to the supermarket! Or an exquisite Elizabethan waiting in a drawer? Take it on a trip to Starbucks!

So often we spend hours, days, weeks, even years creating historic costumes only to wear them once a year at most. We wait and hope for an event to emerge where we can once again have an excuse to create a dream gown. Well no more! Open those closets and put on your finery! Just wear it! Treat them like clothes, not costumes!

Then take a picture and post it here so that others will be empowered to do the same. Now go out and just wear it!